Integral Art Lab: The Non-Linear Unfolding of Consciousness

Dates: Wednesday November 16, 30, December 14, 2022, January 4, 2023, 6:00-8:00pm CET online via Zoom


“Free Space”, oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm, Artist: Martina Höss

What: The Integral Art Lab, the Volution Theory, the Diamond Modell, the Artworks

The Integral Art Lab (IAL) is a u.lab2x prototype, a format that has been developed in 2019 by Ute Weber. It applies various elements of the Theory U according to Otto Scharmer. Within 90 Minutes, the structure follows and guides through a facilitated dynamic process on essential human capacities, crystalized by Peter Merry (Volution Theory, 2016), with the intention to experience and become consciously aware of the individual creativity and the collective capability to realize a new emerging structure of consciousness and co-create a new culture in which we consciously rely on resonance and listen awake to the movements within and without in flow. 

While the mentally focused viewer (Jean Gebser) of artworks analyzes the creativity of the artist, in IAL we invite participants into a whole-body aesthetic and mystical experience to activate the creativity of the individual and raise our creative potential into conscious awareness. Contemplative receiving, reflective embodiment, emphatic and generative dialogue, witnessing, transparent communication, listening and resonance exploration are practices that support an integral learning experience, contribute to cultivating new human abilities, and strengthen the competence of relating and changemaking.

Ute Weber introduces the whole creative process and supports sensing, feeling, listening, dialogue and embodiment practice, intuitive journaling with artwork and concretizing new information. Nish Dubashia presents and facilitates the perception of this creative process with and through the diamond model he developed. Realization, manifestation and creation appear exemplarily through the alchemical artworks of Martina Höss. 

The new comprehensive perceptual qualities enable the connection between inside and outside, the subtle and the gross, wisdom and knowledge, between the individual and the community in every relationship. Through the awakened awareness of inner and outer connectedness, we are able to relate to everything and to taste this unity. 

Why: Research, Theories, Application, Topics
Recent findings from studies in consciousness development crystallize eight challenges that we pass through in human development, which are not linear in progress but are interrelated. These capacities are acupuncture points for the Self and Society that we intend to experience through our process taking into account the Chartres Framework and core competencies of Ubiquity University in the areas – Knowledge, Self-Mastery, Action in the World. We meet global challenges in focusing on our individual capacities and clarify, transcend and integrate them through this Integral Art Lab-process.
In a micro-course with six units in total, including introduction and summary, four sessions will focus on these topics and invite participants to experience individually and collectively, to transcend and integrate (embody) the new information that is released accordingly.
The interrelated capacities crystallized by Peter Merry are:
                              1 and 8: Sense and React | Embrace and Embody
                              2 and 7: Nurture and Sustain | Integrate and Consolidate
                              3 and 6: Individuate and Act | Include and Harmonize
                              4 and 5: Oversee and Organize | Plan and Develop

Ute Weber initiates a shared attunement to subtle body and field awareness, the energetic flow of information through the whole body, and a deepened seeing, feeling and sensing of inspirations and movements in space and a holding of new possibilities.

Nish Dubashia explores these topics with different expressions of the Diamond Model and takes the participants on a journey through the Wholeness, Multiplicity, Interiority and Exteriority of each theme and stage of this nonlinear journey.

Martina Höss responds to these topics with artwork that reflects the qualities of each theme. Participants listen to their resonance with the artwork, delve into the one with the greatest correspondence, and explore the flow of information through intuitive journaling. Martina Höss invites sharing of the intuitive journalings and listening to the multi-layered information and expanded awareness of the participants.

The presence and coherence of the participants in the circle increases during the process. The common intention to listen to the different individual experiences intensifies the social field so that new information, insights, inspirations emerge into conscious awareness and make integration and change (new next steps) possible.

How: Structure, Process and Learning 
In applying Knowledge, supporting Self-Mastery, enabling Action in the World this multidimensional and holistic approach is clearly structured:
Arrival and check-in lead into an opening and energetic attunement – information and contemplation support the connection of knowledge and wisdom – embodiment allows physical connection with the topics and grounding, witnessing and transparent communication express new information – encountering artworks and listening to resonance activate the perception and awareness of congruence – multidimensional immersion lifts various unconscious information to the surface of conscious awareness – sharing this information creates a social field, generates new insights, inspirations and is the basis for actualization and co-creation of a new structure of consciousness and culture.

Who: Experts, Chartres Framework, Ubiquity Learning Experience
In the play of archetypes, polarities, energies and in listening to the creative process, its realization or manifestation, Ute Weber, Nish Dubashia and Martina Höss guide through each unit with their respective competences.

Ute Weber, philosopher (Mag.phil.), art historian (MA), communicator (MSc), Social Architect (Center of Human Emergence), certified in the Art of Hosting (Pioneers of Change), certified Practice Group Leader of the Academy of Inner Science, founder and director of the Integral Art Lab Hub and the Integral Art Lab, PhD candidate in Transpersonal Research at Ubiquity University | Academy of Inner Science, presenter at the Integral European Conference (2021, 2022), the Presencing Institute Global Forum (2022), facilitates creative processes, becoming aware of and embodying new information, inspirations and new insights, and crystallizing new next steps.

Nish Dubashia, a British writer and Integral thinker, author of two novels (Gifted and Dancing with Angels), as well as The Unity of Everything: A Conversation with David Bohm, a public speaker (Humanity Rising Global Summit, the World Unity Week, the Science and Consciousness conference, European Integral Conference, The Presencing Institute Global Forum), featured in the Integral Leadership Review, the world’s premier publication of integrated approaches to leading and leadership, along with his dialogue partner Peter Merry, facilitates the transmission of knowledge and new information and the opening to further dimensions of conscious awareness.

Martina Höss, passionate about color alchemy, oil painting, and how to transmit higher states of consciousness and the inward reality of the formless, pure Self onto her canvas, studied at the Vienna art school and the academy of art therapy, facilitates deep seeing, sensing, feeling, creating and co-creating spiritual intelligence through her art. She has been exhibiting her art in solo and collaborative exhibitions since 1997, also presented her work at the Integral European Conference (2019, 2020, 2021), at the Integral Salon Vienna, and at various Integral Art Labs such as „The Numinous“, „Grace“, and most notably in „Dignity“, which has received a lot of attention in the last two years, as recently in the Integral Art Lab at The Presencing Institute Global Forum (2022) or at the Integral European Conference (2022).

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