Integral Art Lab Hub Vienna – English

Michelangelo: The Creation of Man, 1508-1512
Fresco, 480 × 230 cm, Sistine Chapel, Rome

In creativity, origin is present. Creativity is not bound to space and time, and its truest effect can be found in mutation, the course of which is not continuous in time but rather spontaneous, acausal, and discontinuous. Creativity is a visibly emerging impulse of origin which “is” in turn timeless, or more accurately, before or “above” time and timelessness. And creativity is something that “happens” to us, that fully effects or fulfills itself in us.

Jean Gebser

The Integral Art Lab Hub Vienna offers a range of digital and analogue services, from Integral Meditation, Encounter and Dialogue, to Transparent Communication, an Integral Salon and theme-specific Integral Art Labs.

A multidisciplinary team co-creates these offerings, offering a variety of ways to deepen perception and intensify awareness in order to co-create our being-in-the-world from a mode of witnessing.

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