Participants of Integral Art Labs on divers paintings:

Journaling on the painting „In Gratitude To The Climate“ from the Integral Art Lab: GRACE with Art by Martina Höss
I see a multicolor spiral, enlightend from a source of light within …
I feel the structure, a strength, a stability …
I sense a power penetrating the structure and a sort of clearing of the outer layers …
I become aware of the intensity of this source in the center of the spiral …
My impulse is to take more consciously note of this power, of this energy.
I ask myself what the difference would be if the relation of the different layers to this source would be more conscious.
I ask myself what would happen if I with my different layers would more relate to this source, if I would presence this source through these layers, if the source shines through and becomes apparent in every cell, like grace in the quote of Sri Aurobindo on Divine Grace.“

A participant on the aesthetic resonance exploration of Martina Höss‘ painting: „The Imperial I am“ as part of the Integral Art Lab: DIGNITY with artworks by Martina Höss:
I see rings of different colours, thicknesses, materialities, structures arranged around a centre whose core appears open and free.
I sense a vastness and infinity emanating from a beyond, a beyond of these rings.
I feel myself drawn to this open core.
I become aware that this dimension behind is always there and that I am completely caught up in the colourful diversity and its contemplation and receiving of new information.
As an impulse I take with me to preserve this felt vastness in my presence and perhaps even to see at myself from this other dimension, to take up the connection from there and to act awake, clear and consciously from here.
I want to surrender to this power and dimension and receive the information and inspiration for my being-in-the-world. (Anonymous)

Anke W.
A woman in her power. Grounded she stands there. Creativity flows through her and out of her. On the other hand it flies to her to receive her, to transform her and to carry her out into the world again. A cycle of creative energy.

Lisa S.
I see an enlightened woman. Her gaze is directed upwards to the right, her mouth is open, her red hair is falling wildly. She is shown against a very dark background. I perceive a strong contrast between the colours of the subject and the background and a great dynamic. I feel a shiver, a pause, an impulse to exhale. I feel an expectant looking/listening/being touched. I feel a visionary awakening expressed in the picture, a looking that is removed from the everyday.
The ambiguity speaks to me:
movement – silence
light – darkness
inside – outside
opening – being averted
devotion – blushing
taking the unexpected
I think „vision requires a willingness/fruitful soil/presence to be seen“.

Maria G.
„I see a divided crowd, one of them striving for the earthly and its surroundings, the other seeing them, but also open to more … Above both of them is a Mary appearing in the light, whose gaze makes a U-turn and looks even further and higher…
I feel heaviness, darkness, toil, entanglement and lightness, brightness, freedom, relaxation …
I feel an inner opening between the two worlds, between above and below and with the union a state in a higher level … I feel that through this a channel opens up for a further view, which allows me to look further and to move into it immediately …
I become aware that this access is always there, that I can simply align my inner attitude to it, so that I am connected with this dimension …
From this realization, I perceive the impulse that answers to my questions come to me from this dimension, possibly as visions, as inner images that do not refer to the future, but rather occur as an opening into these dimensions in the here and now.“

Anna G.
I see nature and culture, a path with half pillars and half capitals on which green spheres rest, glowing from within. I see grass and mountains and behind them a sunset, a red-hot sun behind the mountains casting shadows, above it a crescent moon …
Sun and moon are not in the centre of the painting … Earth and sky, dark cloud formations …
I am attracted by a vibrating heart that shines in the centre of the picture.
I feel: this is it! NOT the sun, NOT the moon, NOT the biggest sphere, but this shining and pulsating heart that lies on the way, that is part of the way, a light that shines between other lights, and now shines for me …
I feel this is it, whatever it is …
I sense that I have to follow this light, it’s my own inner light …
I have to go into this light, through this light, that is my destiny …
For my life, this means that I must follow this sign or symbol, in humility, in love, in gratitude.

Gloria P.
Painting and title „Portal into the unmanifested Reality“ captivated me in the first moment of contact. They were in line with my most central theme in my life at the moment: to use and develop my therapeutic healing potential in a professional setting. In concrete terms, I am in preparations to open a consulting practice as a first step.
I saw the blue color field, structured in itself only by slight differences in light and dark and color. And I saw as a „figure“ a round, a core, a shell, more clearly lifted off and yet, with a soft open gaze, dissolving, melting, almost disappearing into homogeneous blue.
„Koan“ shot me in the head in the face of the change and the inconceivability of what I saw depending on the optical quality of perception, which varied according to my thoughts and intentions. I tried to see with my whole body, breathed more deeply, let myself in on the fact that I didn’t want to know concretely how my work with people would be and develop, meditated my wish as an inquiring request…
The intensity and energy of my experience increased in this prayer, and it became a deep question about myself, the „Who am I?
In my chest around my heart pain appeared, deep mental and physical pain, for a moment a condition like dying, behind it then love, glowing, burning, transforming…
I continued to ask, suddenly and surprisingly my eyes became awake and active, saw crystallized, manifest realities of the future in the color structures of the core, fireworks-like sparkling blue tones, the eyes reached for them, handled them, … my future actions and actions were expressed in them for me …
A feeling of trust and security came up: my potential will be put to use, and I will develop my focal points accordingly in my work …
Then, even further, a recognition: It is the way. When I make myself available, I will be manifested in every moment as a new one in constant transformation and unfolding.

Anthea P.
Comments on my personal experience, first responding to the proposed questions in relation to the painting I chose/was attracted to: “From the beginning and Ende” a painty by Martina Höss.

  1. I see a beautiful image of light which shines with divine power and intensity. It comes out of the darkness and seems to embrace and integrate it.
  2. I feel an expansion in my heart towards it, something joyful. I feel strength emanating from the light. Maybe the contrast to the darkness enhances the power of the light which holds me in its presence not letting me stray away.
  3. I sense the magnetism of deep silence and space drawing me close to it, a place where I am safe to observe and wonder at the paradox of light and dark, of clarity and unknown, of colours and their absence, warmth and cold, openness and reclusion, joy and sadness, fragility and strength, life and death…
  4. I become aware of the mystery ofmy own spark of light as a tiny fraction of the divine source, of searching for its origin, being somehow connected, being filled with it, of merging into it, not two…
  5. What impulse of active action is showing up? A desire to share it, tell everyone about it, and at the same time a stillness which infuses me with the beauty, that speaks for itself without words, and reflects a kaleidoscope of perspectives of myself, who I am, where I am, who I am becoming…

 This was my first participation in the Integral Art Lab which Ute kindly invited me to. It was altogether an extraordinary experience which blew my mind. First of all I enjoyed the process of following instructions to choose one of the paintings and make notes of my impressions in reply to the specific questions. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time to chose one as I wanted to allow more time for feeling into the questions.

When we started sharing, I was amazed as I listened to the description given to another painting – True Extension – and it revealed itself to me in a way I had not noticed at first sight, I could suddenly see and feel each detail and beyond, I almost fell into the trap of becoming judgmental of myself for not having noticed it before.

Then someone else described their experience of yet another painting – Portal into the Unmanifested Reality – as I focused on it, I could hear the words drifting in the background, but the painting seemed to come alive and be interacting with me directly. I saw a mandala appearing and disappearing into the infinite blue, then returning. I couldn’t believe my eyes, or was it a trick of my mind? It was quite an overwhelming experience which had never happened before in this way, and it made me want to take time to focus on each painting as I realised the life energy they contain which connects to each one of us according to our own individual hearts, perspectives and lenses.

I have always been a lover of art in all its forms, I am a musician myself. And I am very grateful for this profound experience which, for me, opened up a new way to perceive and interact with paintings. Thank you Ute, for the wonderful opportunity.

At yesterday’s IAL (Oct 3, 2020) on the topic of VISIONS in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM) I heard:
„For me, vision hangs somehow ‚above‘, so my gaze is somehow directed upwards, as if there is something to see up there… I do not know. I just observe it. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a vision or seen anything that showed itself like that. I’ve only heard or read about vision or seen vision in pictures. I find it exciting that I can adjust to a vision in order to experience it for myself and my life. However, I have no idea how this should work. Of course, I have always thought about my personal future, my own life planning, but that was very much influenced by social conventions, a standard of living, recognition, etc. and less by deeper or further insights, which take a larger radius into account and also evoke needs and values in me, for example with regard to a common life, the relationship, the togetherness, the culture, the environment, etc. If I wanted to get involved, I notice that I need more time for it, more peace and serenity. Then a space opens up in me, in which I can feel and look at my perceptions. I find this very interesting. Maybe this attitude goes in this direction and a feeling of stillness, transparency and brightness emerges in me, which has a lot of air, in which there is a lot of room or let’s say space, with its own vibration and rhythm… When I surrender to this state, the words fall back… and I experience this – is it a vision? – in the here and now. It is simply this being seen in the here and now.“
J. actually never goes to the Kunsthistorisches Museum and certainly never looks at such pictures. In this IAL J. has chosen himself: Luca Giordano: Archangel Michael overthrows the renegade angels, around 1660/65 and writes at the end of this art experience: „The pausing, feeling the inner space, perceiving and consciously moving this perception, by deepening (questions, focus, …) has made this significant experience possible. Thanks!“
Thank you J. for sharing your insights with us!

Jenny B. on the painting „Ascension“ from Gaia Orion:
I see a woman whose container is breaking open with powerful unstoppable energy.
I sense her complete and blissful surrender to the process.
I feel that we as a species live in a shell and we fear its fracturing but it will be an ignition of utter bliss.
The power and ferocity appeals to me.
I become aware that it is spinning.
The life impulse is to break everything open!“

Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your insights with us!

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