ONLINE Integral Art Lab: GRACE with spiritual guide Ryan McLay and artworks by Martina Höss

Saturday, January 6, 2024, 7 pm CET


Grace is a force that comes from above. It is beyond our reckoning. It cannot be predicted or caused, only invited. 

Richard Rudd


We are familiar with the word, we use it, but I myself only got a feeling for the meaning of the word when I experienced this infinite warm-heartedness and generosity that was granted to me. While receiving, I felt on a physical level an area at the back of my heart activate,
the area became warm, soft, palpable and aligned my spine and my whole being.
Now I could even feel my back and the space around me. The palpable connection through the expanded heart space allowed me to feel and breathe a higher vibrational presence. I connected with it, became one. – Since then, I have made it a point to remember this experience and invite others to share theirs.

Ute-Anna, November 10, 2023


„This divine grace . . . is not simply a mysterious flow or touch coming from above, but the all-pervading act of
a divine presence which we come to know within as the power of the highest Self and Master of our being
entering into the soul and so possessing it that we not only feel it close to us and pressing upon our mortal
nature, but live in its law, know that law, possess it as the whole power of our spiritualised nature.“ 

From „Integral Healing“: Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

The Integral Art Lab (IAL) is a u.lab2x prototype, a format that has been developed in 2019 by Ute Weber-Woisetschläger. It applies various elements of the Theory U according to Otto Scharmer. Within 90 Minutes, the structure follows and guides through a facilitated dynamic process with the intention to experience and become consciously aware of the individual creativity and the collective capability to realize a new emerging structure of consciousness and co-create a new culture in which we consciously rely on resonance and listen awake to the movements within and without in flow.

In each Integral Art Lab we focus on a present issue and in this particular one
we intend to receive and embody the mystical wisdom of GRACE.

Martina Höss, Space for Spiritual Intelligence

What is GRACE?

Grace is compassion, dignity, beauty and elegance.
Grace is patience that sees a new dawn at the horizon of history;
Grace is the umbilical cord that connects us to this vision and guides us.
Grace is also the strength to ride the bumps of life with humor and lightness.

Those who walk in the name of Grace do not come to accuse.
They do not come to impart a new ideology on a land and its people;
they come in the service of openness, of perception and of support.

Grace listens deeply for what is most needed.
Grace is like a consciously chosen naivety that helps us to find our way through the welter of world views
so that we recognize and protect the elementary and simple truth behind all things.

When we stand in fierce grace we become a channel for the outcry of suppressed life.
We use the name Grace for our work because it reminds us to do everything that we do in the name of reconciliation,
of the repairing of our relationship with the source of life and with the family of humanity.

In Grace we acknowledge that our resources are best used for the flourishing of all.
To give ourselves fully is to meet in Grace.
Grace is gratitude for the opportunity to serve life.

Sabine Lichtenfels
Gary Malkin: Unspeakable GRACE – The Music of Graceful Passages

Our intention is to explore individually and collectively this principle of GRACE
that has, as Thomas Hübl says, the power to rewrite the past.

As the great spiritual myths reveal, the hero discovers that by acknowledging and repairing the folly of his past, by integrating all he has been, he may become truly free—and more of what he truly is.

The theory of retrocausality could mean that influences from the present or future are able to act on, and thereby change, the past. From the mystical perspective, this is an essential principle of grace and is always true. The future indeed has the power to rewrite the past.

Hübl, Thomas. Healing Collective Trauma (S.7). Sounds True. Kindle-Version.

The Integral Art Lab invites you to a time-space experience to receive the frequency of GRACE throughout a dynamic process.

You can prepare for this journey together for 7 days, day by day, by signing up for Seven Days of Grace!

Arrival – stillness – check-in in triads – attunement/meditation – information/contemplation – dialogue in triads – resonance exploration/journaling – sharing/listening/generative dialogue – check-out

90 minutes

With Martina Höss (art), Ryan McLay (information/contemplation) and Ute Weber-Woisetschläger (facilitation)

Host: Integral Art Lab/Ute Weber-Woisetschläger

Ryan McLay, Spiritual Guide

My name is Ryan McLay, and I feel honoured just to be sharing this little bio of ‘me’.
So, what to say? Well, I am Canadian by birth, though have travelled a good deal and feel at home all over the world. I have also journeyed much inwardly, and, after years of seeking, finally feel at home within myself. I say I am a Spiritual Guide because I feel that I am being ‚guided by spirit‘, and encourage us all to get in touch with our own inner guidance.
I currently work with an ‚Inner Guidance System‘ called The Gene Keys that has been instrumental, not only in understanding but also expressing myself creatively.
Believe in yourself, face your fears, free your mind, and live your dreams are a few of my favourite mantras, which, cliché as they may sound, are both highly practical and deeply meaningful for me. I aspire to Love always, forgive when I forget, remember who I AM, and be grateful for all I am given… Oh, and to take my time, of course, and enjoy myself in the process 🙂 

Oksana Lukin, Mystical Teacher

„It is a Joy and Honor to be part of Grace Gathering with you all! Thank you dear Ute-Anna, for inviting me!
I am Oksana Lukin. I was born in Russia, raised in Ukraine and for the past 23 years I have lived in the US. From a very young age I loved to learn, read books, explore, ask questions, dive deep into any subject I was fascinated about. Arts, music, being in the company of people and in nature were always part of my growing up. I loved history, learning languages in school. In college I studied Geography and International Relations, I worked in Marketing and Public Relations after college. I enjoyed traveling the world in my 20s and meeting many brilliant people. 
I have raised and homeschooled two beautiful daughters, allowing their natural Divine gifts to surface and develop. I loved to play with my children, to follow their natural curiosity and excitement. Being a mom to my children was the most rewarding, challenging and expansive part of my life. It is now that I see how beautifully and magically all events of my life have been arranged synchronistically to reveal the Divine at work. The invisible Grace and Love that was always guiding me, holding me and keeping me on the path of my Soul evolution. 
My life has been both beautiful and intense, love and suffering, joy and pain have been the driving forces of many spiritual initiations to surrender to the Will of the Divine. Oh, Grace, I bow to you! I invite you into my life. I open my heart to feel everything, to be with every emotion, feeling, sensation and honor and love all of Life expressions. All are equally beautiful, all are Divine in nature. 
I believe the magic of the transformation is in allowing and accepting our beingness to blossom without limitations or control to reveal the limitless freedom and love that we are.  
So What is Grace and how can we be in touch with all knowing, all loving, all embracing intelligence that we are always a part of?
Invite Grace in, call in her wisdom, love, tenderness. And feel your life transform one step at a time, one magical moment at a time. All my love, Oksana

Martina Höss, Alchemical Artist

In 2003, after having painted many layers of colours, I stepped back to look at my painting, when suddenly the image disappeared into a white canvas and only flowing energy was visible to me. This was one of the key moments that sparked my deep enthusiasm for painting.
Since 1997 Martina Höss has exhibited in over 40 solo and group exhibitions. She is a well-established artist in Austria and specializes in healing arts and wall designs.
Another part of Martina’s work is to connect people to a new experience of receiving art. The classical gallery presentations have always left her with a feeling of too much separation between her artwork, the artist and the viewers. Therefore, she started to provide guidance for energetic communication with the paintings – a meditation – to ease meeting oneself through art.

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Grace – it is many things – but above all,
it is forgiving, gentle, uplifting and hugely transformative.

Richard Rudd

The Lady’s Prayer

Our Lady, who lives at the heart of all form,
Hallowed be thy name.

May thy Queendom come,
May thy Will be done
That heaven may come to earth.

Please allow me this day
To drink from your sacred, silver spring
And forgive me my forgetting
As I learn through your Grace
To return all non love with Love,

And take me by the hand
And lead me step by step
Into the patient valley of your Heart

For yours is the earth, my body and my life
For ever and ever.


Richard Rudd
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