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An jedem 22. des Monats von 19:00 bis 20:30 Uhr

„Aufstieg und Fall der Maria Magdalena“ in

Nächster Termin: Dienstag, 22. November 2022, 19:00, online via Zoom

Inspiriert von dem Lebensweg einer Frau, die mystische Lehren verstanden und verkörpert hat, widme ich mich forschend ihrer Botschaft in Verbindung mit neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen. In einem geführten Prozess über 90 Minuten verbinden wir uns mit unserer Seele, unserem Bewußtsein und beobachten fühlend wer, mit wem und was wir sind. Wir vertiefen und weiten unsere Wahrnehmung und unser Gewahrsein und erlauben dem Weiblichen, sich zu integrieren und beide Prinzipien in Balance zu bringen.

In einem monatlichen Zykus
– wir treffen uns an jedem 22. des Monats um 19:00 Uhr online via Zoom und zumindest einmal im Jahr persönlich –
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kultivieren und stärken wir unsere soziale Verbundenheit.

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Sue Ellen Parkinson: The Mystic Mary Magdalene—Patron Saint of Contemplatives 2015 © Sue Ellen Parkinson

Hier ein ganz aktueller Beitrag von Dr Annine E.G. van der Meer zur Bedeutung dieser Weisheit für unsere Zeit:

Humanity Rising: Day 526
The Feast of Mary Magdalene, Her Message for Modern Era

Today is the Feast Day for Mary Madeline. We will celebrate with a dialogue with one of the leading Mary Magdalene scholars.

On the Feast Day for Mary Magdalene, we want to explore her life and legacy. Our time is awash with visions of Mary Magdalene. But these visions raise many questions. For example: was Mary Magdalene the Beloved of Jesus? Are Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany one and the same? And if so, was this Mary the leader of the early Jesus movement. Based on the 2010 recovered Gospel of the Beloved Companion written by Mary Magdalene herself, the answer to these questions is a resounding and deafening YES. But there is more…

Several hidden sources provide the decisive evidence that Mary Magdalene is aware of higher knowledge and on that basis is the first to have a leading position amidst the people of The Way and the later early Church. Her example has been followed by many women leaders after her in the first two centuries of the Church. Modern research brings these revolutionary facts to the surface. It helps us to recall the age old and higher knowledge of Mary Magdalene as the daughter of Wisdom. She freshens our memory and accesses the essence of the Yeshua’s message of Love, Light and Life here and now.

Dr Annine E.G. van der Meer is a Dutch historian of religion and holds a PhD in theology from the University of Utrecht. She was the last and only female student who wrote her doctoral thesis under the guidance of the late Prof. Dr. Gilles Quispel, an internationally known scholar of apocryphal Christian texts. She has written several authoritative books on the hidden history of the sacred feminine and of women and their forgotten contribution to evolution and civilisation, digging Her-Story out from under His-Story in order to write Our-Story. Where necessary, she balances the established image of woman and man for the purpose of achieving equality, harmony, balance and peace for the world. In 2008 she founded Pansophia Foundation, which she led until 2018, a school of Wisdom in the 21st century, where the raising of consciousness, spirituality and empowerment of women were combined. In 2015 she founded her own publishing house Pansophia Press, in which she continues this Wisdom-work, supported by a large Pansophia community in The Netherlands. Annine was one of 33 women honoured worldwide in 2010 for her work on the Divine Feminine.
Books: Annine is author of 16 books in Dutch, English, French and German: In Dutch, English and French appeared The Black Madonna from Primal to Final Times. With 289 Illustrations. Included is a list of short descriptions of 450 Black Madonna’s in France, 2015, 2018, 2020. In English and German appeared The Language of MA the primal mother. The evolution of the female image in 40.000 years of global Venus Art, 2013, 2020. In 2021 she published a successful Dutch book on Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of the Beloved Companion, written by her. The English translation and update Mary Magdalene Unveiled. Hidden Sources restore her broken image is in process. See English trailor on

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Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University
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