#5 Dialogue: ExWYRD: Creation (English)

Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 7 pm CET, via Zoom:

In Dialogue with Margreet Poulie, Developmental and Clinical Psychologist, Co-Founder of my Insight Out and
Ute Weber, Transpersonal Researcher, Founder of the Integral Art Lab Hub (Host and Facilitator)

Margreet Poulie

Content: ExWYRD with Ute Weber an Margreet Poulie
An experiential approach to new information and your personal next step

Experiencing the inspiration of new information from the interconnectedness with the WYRD we ask participants to formulate from their received insight what could be a personal expression of creativity to give back to the whole. 

In a structured process over 90 minutes we activate through meditation/contemplation, embodiment, dialogue and transparent communication through our connection with openness. The next steps will be to invite participants to receive new information from and co-create with the field. 

Ute Weber

We want to invite participants to experience WYRD, the Anglo-Saxon concept for the interconnected web of all things, generate new information from this interconnectedness and measure this process with the new technology of the Psyloron, which graphically represents changes in the field. 

The thesis is that by increasing coherence individually and collectively, connectedness with the field is intensified and new information becomes accessible and conscious. The sense of interconnectedness becomes palpable and creative potential flows.

The elements we use in this process are on the one hand components of Theory U (Otto Scharmer) and a u-lab 2x prototype Integral Art Lab (Founder: Ute Weber) developed with the support of the Presencing Institute (MIT/Boston) and on the other hand components of the my Insight Out self-reflection tool (Founders: Margreet Poulie and Mirjam Zoestbergen) that is based on a data pool of experiences, forming a collective consciousness, gathered by them in 50 years of practice. And scientifically based on the Valuation theory and Dialogical Self Theory (Hubert J.M.Hermans).

Duration: 90 minutes

Structure: Check-in, Attunement, Meditation/Contemplation, Embodiment/Dialogue/Imagination, my Insight Out/Sharings, Check-out

The experiment will be recorded.

To participate, please register at: contact@integralartlab.com

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