Research interests:
awareness, perception, consciousness, creativity, inspiration, intuition, creative power

The integral approach allows a comprehensive experience and reflection of a sensually grasped object, which here is an exemplary work of art, and in doing so not only opens up the objectively described parameters, but also the very different subjective approaches.
These additional inner perspectives, in turn, open up a connection to the creative potential of every human being, which is revealed in the artistic creation process and can, for example, show itself as inspiration in meditation and contemplation.
Sentence additions before and after the process we initiate in each Integral Art Lab make a change in perception and consciousness visible.

The Integral Art Lab supports the development of an autonomous ability of perception and reflection and promotes a multi-perspective and multi-dimensional awareness of a concrete object in the world. The cultivation of such an integral exploration is exemplary and can be transferred to any other worldly or social field.

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