Integral Art Lab: The Light of the Soul

February 27, 2022, 1 pm CT/8 pm CET, online via Zoom

With artworks from the integral artists Gaia Orion, Jenny Baird, Martina Höss, Magali Bouteloup, 
Sandrine Bataillard Syama, and Sabine Rau

and with 

Luke Healy, co-founder of Integral Christian Network and Christian mystic,
gatherer, and spiritual pioneer


Ute Weber-Woisetschläger, founder and director of the Integral Art Lab Hub, 
philosopher, art historian, transpersonal researcher 

Arrival – check-in – meditation/contemplation – deepening dialogue – encountering and perceiving art/spontaneous journaling – generative dialogue – check-out

Duration: 120 minutes

The session will be recorded.

Participation is limited and requires active, mindful and attentive willingness
with an open mind, open heart, open will. Once confirmed we expect you in our circle. 

RSVP until February 25,

The financial contribution is on a voluntary donation basis to support the transpersonal research project
in the field of awareness, consciousness development and creativity. 
Please contact us for more details:

About: The Integral Art Lab

The Integral Art Lab (IAL) is a research project at the interface of perception, awareness and creativity in which we explore whole body experiences and personal consciousness development through integral and transpersonal approaches in acknowledging multiple human faculties as sources of creative knowledge.

The IAL is a U.lab 2x 2020-prototype that applies a combination of various interactive methods based on essential theories and practices, to access multiple ways of knowing (somatic, vital, emotional, mental, contemplative and mindfully inquire) from four spiritual centers of the Heart, the Gut, the Feet/Whole Body and the Head.

In each IAL we focus on a topical question and invite participants to engage as co-researchers in the multidimensional totality of human experience and to explore and cultivate in a dynamic process the spiritual and epistemic potential of the body.
In this special IAL we focus on THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL with Art by various artists with the intention to facilitate a learning experience for the whole person, inspired by the participating and experiential approach.

Founder and Host of the Integral Art Lab Hub is Ute Weber-Woisetschläger. 
This special Integral Art Lab is facilitated by Luke Healy, co-founder of Integral Christian Network
and Christian mystic, gatherer, and spiritual pioneer and Ute Weber-Woisetschläger.

The format offers a clear structure that allows a dynamic process in five steps – Meditation, Contemplation/Dialogue, Embodiment/Transparent Communication, Resonance Exploration/Journaling, Dialogue/Sharing – over 120 minutes. For gaining research data the whole process will be recorded.

This kind of access was not common in the traditional and conventional encounter with artworks. We have created a framework that includes meditation/contemplation, empathic dialogue, resonance exploration, intuitive journaling and generative dialogue to enable an expanded, integral approach and to the source of our own creativity.

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