December 25, 2020, 5pm CEST

With artworks from the integral artists Gaia Orion, Jenny Baird, Martina Höss, Alfred Graf
and with Daniela Wildprad, dancer, Roman Angerer, anthropologist, researcher, Ute Weber-Woisetschläger, philosopher, art historian, artistic researcher

Procedure: Duration: 120 minutes
Arrival – check-in – meditation/contemplation – body exercise – deepening dialogue – encountering and perceiving art/spontaneous journaling – generative dialogue – check-out

Martina Höss: Dharma

Since time immemorial, various rituals for cleansing, forgiveness, renewal, transformation, etc. have traditionally taken place at the end of the year. The winter solstice in the northern hemisphere on December 21st is a hopeful turning point in the cycle of nature: from now on the days will become longer, the light of the sun will empower again. Winter, darkness, stillness and death give way to confidence and birth to new life. The moon, the sun and the stars, which existentially influence life on earth, have a magical-mythical effect on people.

In spiritual traditions the life force that the light of the sun gives to beings in the life cycle of nature is recognized in the process of a light-filled awakening to universal wisdom. This enlightenment which is revealed in man and connects us to the universe, has a great attraction. Since time immemorial we have tried to unite with this origin and magical, mystical, religious and integral practices invite us to rediscover this source within us, to remember this origin and this universal connectedness.
Jesus Christ is considered one of the awakened beings. On 25 December Christians all over the world celebrate the day of his birth.

In meditation and contemplation, in encountering and experiencing representations of nature – moon, sun, stars and life on earth – of interdependencies with the cosmos and reflecting on the constructions of our sense-making interpretations, we intend to become aware of our own source, origin and inner light, that in the field of generative dialogue may rediscover and consciously reconnect with many other aspects of it and unify to unity again.

Four integral artists* have been invited to contribute selected works to this contemplation: Gaia Orion, Jenny Baird, Martina Höss and Alfred Graf.

We invite you to explore, to experience, to reflect and to share with us!

Besides: The birth of Jesus Christ was only taken up by the early Christian pictorial tradition in the 4th century.
The earliest depiction can be found on a roman sarcophagus from 386, that is preserved in the Basilica Sant‘ Ambrogio in Milan/Italy. It shows a newborn child in a feeding trough, ox and ass and two birds. Ox and ass are interpreted as a reference to the prophetic words of Isaiah 1:3: „An ox knows its master, and an ass the manager of its master; but Israel does not know it, and my people do not hear it.“ Bishop Gregory of Nyssa (died after 394) delivers a symbolic representation of Judaism and Paganism, the origins of Christianity.
Earliest written references on the nativity are found in the Gospel of Luke 2, 1-20. In later representations the cave, the simplicity in nature and the star become essential elements.

  • What do we know about earlier mystical traditions?
  • Which rituals do we practice until today?
  • What meaning do the light, the moon, the sun and the stars have then and now?
  • What does the birth of a child in the darkness of the night in the middle of winter mean to do?
  • What hope emerges with the joy of a birth of a child in challenging times?
  • What does enlightenment mean to you?
  • Have you had a mystical experience that gave you access to a higher dimension?
  • Do you practice meditation/contemplation?

The Integral Art Lab is about individual perception, access to one’s own creativity and to selected works of art: We open the space for experiencing and reflecting aesthetic self-awareness, for the discovery and becoming aware of deeper dimensions of perception, additional perspectives and their further development. In empathic and generative dialogue, inspiring insights and new impulses for action get space to emerge.

This kind of access was not common in the traditional encounter with artworks. We have created a framework that includes meditation/contemplation, movement, empathic dialogue, resonance exploration, journaling and generative dialogue to enable an expanded, integral approach and to the source of our own creativity.

In order to document the expansion of individual perception through this process, we invite the participants* to answer both their personal attitudes and the effects of the process in a researching manner by completing some sentences before beginning and after completion.

After a gentle arrival and a meditative immersion, you connect with mindful physical movements, and deepen some guiding questions regarding your own memories on feats and rituals at the end of the year, on nature and on light in a dyad/triad. With the aesthetic experiences from these connections you encounter artworks on THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD and choose one of them with which you personally resonate. You immerse yourself in this painting by means of guiding questions and share your perceptions with us. The diversity, the complexity, the fresh insights that we generate during our dialogue, the wonderful inspirations that we notice and become aware of are the essence of this process towards creativity and higher consciousness.

For your participation please use this link to meet-up.

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