Integral Art Lab in Paris/Amilly

During one week, from January 22 until January 29, 2022, we will explore with the Integral Art Lab

three core areas of our perception with

three different art exhibitions:

Presence, Visibility, Relevance: Centre Pompidou, Festival Hors Pistes, Paris

Energy, Information, Language: Galerie Haute, Les Tanneries, Amilly

Space, Context, Multiplicity: Petite Galerie, Les Tanneries, Amilly

The Integral Art Lab (IAL) is a research project at the interface of perception, awareness, and creativity in which we explore whole body experiences and personal consciousness development through integral and transpersonal approaches in acknowledging multiple human faculties as sources of creative knowledge.

The IAL is a U.lab 2x 2020-prototype[i] that applies a combination of various interactive methods based on essential theories and practices, to access multiple ways of knowing (somatic, vital, emotional, mental, contemplative, and mindful inquiry) from the four spiritual centers of the Heart, the Gut, the Feet/Whole Body, and the Head.

In each IAL, we focus on a topical question and invite participants to engage as co-researchers in the multidimensional totality of human experience and to explore and cultivate the spiritual and epistemic potential of the body in a dynamic process.

Ute Weber-Woisetschläger is the founder, host, and facilitator.

  [i] U.lab 2x is designed to help teams, organizations, and larger networks to facilitate this shift in their stakeholder systems. Participating teams whose work relates to one of the key acupuncture points for societal transformation will join a four-month, online and offline innovation journey that includes systems mapping, rapid cycle prototyping, and a global action research network for knowledge sharing. By the end of the journey, participants will have created new collaborative initiatives, or new types of collaboration within existing initiatives, that help to bring about more sustainable and equitable social systems worldwide. retrieved on 12.11.2021.

For further details and participation please send an e-mail:

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